solar15x20decelleration15x20cm Solar plate etch on Fabriano paper

If we were to stop time, the hands of the clock of life would distort. The reason why we love, cry, be happy is because we know time goes by, ultimately ending in leaving this world as we know it. Those more aware of the fact that we all eventually leave, because of time, they live harder, cry harder, love harder and laugh harder for they know time is precious.
We all take photographs of our lives, freezing a specific moment so we can sit and look back at it. For me it’s harder. I was born with the talent to not only press the shutter of the camera, but to do so at an instant when the scene in front of the lens is at a split second of synchronisation with my emotions at that moment. My pictures are me. And I’m chained to them for life. I am not lucky as most to just move on and let the moment pass for ever. If my heart bled when I took a photo of a beautiful girl, it will bleed again every time I look at that photo, even if my face is smiling. So no, I have frozen an emotion in time, but I have not stopped time. If I could, I would have broken the hands of the clock but the shaft connected to the gears of life would simply keep turning..

Africa child

solar10x75africachild110×7.5cm Solar plate intaglio etch on Fabriano paper

Flower #2

solar75x10flower27.5x10cm Solar plate etch on Fabriano paper

Flower #1

solar75x10flower17.5x10cm Solar plate etch on Fabriano paper